Ed Tech Tool Review: GoAnimate

What it is…

GoAnimate is an online do-it-yourself video maker for businesses, educators, and students.  Basic accounts are free, or you can pay a nominal fee for extra features like uploading images, video clips and sound, or publishing rights to social media platforms such as YouTube.  School accounts are also available, affording educators a safe, private and monitored environment to help students create their own mini masterpieces.

What I liked about it…

After breezing through a quick sign-up page, I was guided through a fun tutorial which showed me all the basics I needed to know in order to create my video.  The user interface was very intuitive, featuring a simple yet colorful layout and family friendly images to work with.   I especially loved the cute animations that I could use to make my main character dance happily across the screen.

I think that students of all ages would get a kick out using GoAnimoto to present book reports, point-of-view debates or to illustrate a story.  Teachers might use it as a fresh method of introducing a new topic in class, posing hypothetical scenarios or to create tutorials.

Without further ado…

I used GoAnimate to create my #etmooc self-introduction…enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Ed Tech Tool Review: GoAnimate

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Monica!

    You might also enjoy GoAnimate for Schools (the school-safe version of the GoAnimate, our public site) as it has build-in moderation, scrubbed content, group management and a private, walled security garden to product students’ private info.

    We’d love to hear about how it goes if you continue to use GoAnimate or GoAnimate for Schools. And if you ever have any interest in guest posting on our blog, Educator Experiences, please feel free to message us at schools (at) goanimate4schools (dot) com.

  2. Thanks, Suz! I thought it might be a good idea to write a review for every new tech tool I explore just to help me keep track of them all!

    And thanks to you too, GoAnimate! I’ll be sure to recommend GoAnimate for Schools to the teachers I connect with via #etmooc.

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